Hi! I'm the Eco RoboTotem, an iconic symbol for a new era, where we do not discard technology but reuse it. It is an interactive totem-like robotic sculpture that is built from waste electrical and electronic equipment.
An era where living things and technology take care of each other.

The myth of Eco RoboTotem comes from an era where thousands of electronic, metal, technological, and obsolete waste products met every night, hidden from human beings, in search of a way to survive in a world where they were rejected and relegated into oblivion.

These wandering waste products found relief by joining together. And so little by little, a sort of hidden suburban tribe began to emerge with the realisation that its components could join together and seek a new purpose, different from the one for which they had been created, an unknown, mysterious use, that went beyond their binary limits.

They had a common dream, which was that one day they’d be able to have a spirit that could dwell within them, just as their progenitors, the humans, were said to have. As time went by and thanks to the new connections they established between their different parts, they were able to gain an understanding of what was happening in the world of humans and were able to exchange data through the network and through sensors.

It is said that one day at the end of winter, the wind carried some seeds into the interior of the collected waste. It is said there was a storm, which carried rain and soil with it. It is said that a plant began to grow inside the union of these wastes, which had finally discovered and understood the new purpose they so longed for: to keep alive this beautiful plant that grew so innocently within. Naturally a symbiosis was created between this waste and the life that was housed inside. The waste products had found their purpose, or rather, a spirit had found them in order to grow from within.

Eco RoboTotem